Ideas Worth Cultivating

Cannabis legislation is still a widely developing facet of society within the UK, and if widespread support for legalization and regulation is going to be won (or even medicinal usage implemented), then the ideas following its implementation have to be rational and based in tried and true success worldwide! That is why we aim to have a wide number of contributors from around the world who are able to put their two pence into the cannabis legalization discussion. From our readers in Portugal who have experienced the benefit of wide scale legalization of drugs across the board to those in the United States who are enjoying the benefits of medical or recreational marijuana usage, we aim to have the voices of individuals who are experiencing legalization measures in some effect or another heard alongside the voices of opinions held in the UK, many of which are held by experts in the field.

While all information on this site is presented for educational purposes, that does not mean that we do not have an opinion on the subject in the slightest. In fact, we will bring you quality reviews of different seed banks and strains from around the globe in order to give subscribers the inside scoop on what is up and coming in the cannabis market. We will also have industry professionals weigh in on little tips and tricks. In addition to these expert sources, we will also be conducting polls amongst our subscribers, and the ultimate goal is to have user driven content that is vetted through our editors and content managers to put you at the forefront of what you are passionate about.

We want to do away with the idea that much of cannabis culture is rooted in being rooted to the couch, so that is why we want to motivate cannabis culture within the UK to grow to new “high”ts through passionate members of the community. By sharing information with one another as well as each of our own individual innovations, we can aim to blend our figurative herbs into one huge creative commons that is sure to mellow out the rest of our neighbors and slowly win the hearts of the majority to our cause.

So what is it that you would like to see featured on Cannabis Plant UK? Do you want to see visual art that has been inspired by the smoking of the herb? Do you want to hear new tracks that have followed in the path of names that are inextricably entwined with cannabis culture such as Bob Marley, or perhaps Black Sabbath or Electric Wizard – or none of these, for cannabis has touched almost every genre out there? Are you looking to always be on the forefront of new and upcoming legislation in the cannabis arena, always ready with a new piece of trivia to educate those around you or perhaps champion your own measures within your community? Or, perhaps are you one of those with a particularly green thumb, who wants to start cultivating your own medicinal products like the great “pot whisperers” who have come before you? Or, perhaps are you interested in the connected field of glassblowing, functional art that has taken many a stoner heart by storm? No matter what you are looking for, we are sure to build it together here in a garden of creativity and motivation, bonded together by the one thing that can transcend any other bond if you have it in your heart – the ability to enjoy a good vibe when it comes your way, man.